Do you have an old piece of furniture that has seen better days, or no longer matches your taste? Having your existing furniture refinished is a great way to have a new unique piece and save your old furniture from landfill.

There are many reasons why a customer may choose to have their furniture updated. Often the pieces are just tired after years of wear and tear, or a room has been redecorated and the piece no longer matches the colour scheme. Then there’s the beloved pieces of furniture that have been in the family for years, these pieces often have great sentimental value, but are hidden in the corner of a room, or even garage, as they don’t suit the décor or personal taste. I’ve had the pleasure of working on pieces like this and it’s great to see them being enjoyed again rather than hidden away.


The owner of this piece wanted it to have a completely new look, whilst keeping some of its gorgeous rustic character. 

This was the second part of a commission for this customer who asked me to update her bedroom furniture. The piece was painted in Champness by Fusion Mineral Paint, whilst the back was adorned with a gorgeous Moroccan tile effect stencil, finished in custom mixed colours to give it a truly unique look.


Finally, the original hardware was cleaned and look how shiny it is now!

This drinks cabinet was a piece I had in stock waiting to be painted. I posted a picture when I started the prep work and it  was quickly snapped up by its new owner, who asked for it to be painted in grey, with a hint of yellow and gold.


This piece had previously been painted in thick white paint, and had definitely seen better days.


From stripping the paint, to changing the hinges and updating the inside, there isn’t one part of this piece that hasn't been updated, and hidden underneath all that paint was this gorgeous wood grain. .

When I delivered it to its new owner she told me it would be filled with 'gin and nice things', and why not as this piece is definitely ready for the party!


Arranging a commission is easy, just start by getting in touch with details about your piece, including photos and dimensions.


Each commission is tailored to my customers’ requirements, so during the design consultation we'll work together to come up with a bespoke design, discussing style, colour palettes and personal taste to make sure the final piece is just right for you.

Once we've finalised the design I’ll provide a full quote for the cost of the work and a timescale for completion.


Prices vary according to the items size and the level of work involved. ​​All of the work is carried out in my workshop located in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, and collection from your home and re-delivery can be arranged. Client commissions are booked on a weekly basis, fortnightly for larger or multiple pieces.

Once I start your piece I'll keep you updated on the progress until it's finished and ready to go back home.


I'd painted a few pieces for this customer, so for this set she gave me a brief idea of what she would like and then trusted me to get creative from there.

As she loves blush pink, Damask by Fusion Mineral paint was the starting point for these pieces. I blended the drawer fronts with a very light grey, before highlighting some of the details with white and silver wax giving it a slight shimmer.


The sides of the drawers were given an update and even the little drawers on the mirror were given their own special design. Finally, the drawers were lined with a complimenting paper.

This lovely little nest of tables has great sentimental value to its owner as they were passed onto her by her granny.

These were commissioned by her boyfriend as a Christmas present so that they could continue being used and loved. 

The colours she chose complimented each other perfectly, and the smallest table in its new colour is adorable. 


The pieces featured on this page are just a few of the many commissions I have completed for my customers, for inspiration and to see more of my work, please check out my gallery.


If you have a piece of your own that you would like me to update, please  get in touch .