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Sometimes you have to look back to see how far you've come!

I recently came across this photo - me at 16 years old, holding my daughter, long before I had any interest in health and fitness (and fashion, take a that look of that shirt! 😅). It reminded me of the importance of occasionally looking back, even as we move forward.

If you had told the 16-year-old me that someday I'd develop a passion for health and fitness, and that my daughter and I would go to the gym together, let alone go jogging on holiday in Ibiza just for fun, I'd have probably burst out laughing.

Goals are essential—they keep us focused on our dreams. But sometimes, we get so fixated on the destination that we forget to appreciate the journey. This is one of the main reasons people give up.

So, before you get too caught up on chasing your goals, take a moment and reflect on how far you've come already. Celebrate the hurdles you've overcome and the progress you've made. And most importantly, don't wait until you've reached your final destination to feel proud. Embrace the journey, celebrate your progress, and wear that smile proudly. 😊🌟


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